ORCC has searched the Contra Costa area for local progressive candidates and has compiled its 2020 endorsements list for you. Ballots have already landed and voting this year is more urgent than any year in memory, maybe even in our countries history.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the political mailers, yard signs and fliers and are looking for a resource to help you find dedicated, quality candidates that put the needs of their communities over fund raising, look no further.   ORCC endorsements are only given to candidates that have been interview by ORCC and whose campaign platforms are consistent with ORCC values.

  • Big Money Out of Politics
  • Climate Change (Green New Deal)
  • Racial Equality
  • Education

The list contains the race, city, district, candidate & candidate website.

ORCC Endorsed Candidates (PDF)

ORCC Endorsed Candidates (HTML) 

Our list of candidates has heard the calling of public service and they have stepped forward to serve their communities, not their self interest.  Please support our list of candidates when you vote in the 2020 election.  Every vote counts, and yours may be the one to deliver an endorsed candidate to office in your service.